New Mercedes Benz SLS

This car looks stunningly insane.

more pictures at
The car driver review



Next Processors

Well the core i7's just recently came out and they already shattered every cpu record that stood. But in first quarter of 2010 the new Arrnadale CPUs check em out.



Yay I have 12 megapixel.. dang you have 21 megapixel..
          Oh wait. This guy has 1,474 Megapixels. He wins.

David Bergman put together a crazy gigapan picture of Obamas inauguration that hit 1,474 megapixel.
Check it out.

Stunning Long Shutter

Amazingly beautiful long shutter photographs.

Source -

If you havnt already..

Check Out

Real or Fake?

Photographs can be real... or insane..


Insane Architecture? Yep

It Lives.

Source :


One of the best wallpaper websites online to date.

Some Examples:

Some More Insane Assignments From Terms 1 and 2

I do believe that these are only insane because they drove me mad.

2D Group Assignment # 1

2D Group Assignment #2

Life Drawing - Still Life

Life Drawing - Edward From Twilight

Insane Tech Sites

Here are a few of my favorite sites that I tend to browse over on a daily basis.

AND Yes.. They do have some order to them.
Apple Related
Everything for you and I
Lots of gizmo news
Hockey Hockey
GO Canucks!!
Vancouver Film School = INSANE
Some great VFS work
Iphone hacks and cracks
Mac hacks and cracks

and some others but I won't bore you with those.